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Lake Dahlgren, Oklahoma

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Lake Dahlgren

Picture provided by Steve

Lake Dahlgren in south-central Oklahoma is located northeast of Lexington. Lake Dahlgren has 2 miles of shoreline and 30 surface acres. This little lake is a Wildlife Department lake located inside the Lexington WMA. This place offers facilities such as Boat Docks, Boat Ramps, Pavilion and Restrooms.

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Lake Dahlgren has 2 miles of shoreline and 30 surface acres.

Lake Dahlgren Map

(405) 325-7288

From Purcell take 77 north to Slaughterville Rd, then 9 miles east to the Lexington WMA

Boat Docks, Boat Ramps, Pavilion, Restrooms

Primitive Camping, Tent Sites

Fishing Dock

Channel Catfish, Largemouth Bass, Sunfish

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