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Lake Lawtonka, Oklahoma

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Lake Lawtonka

Picture taken by Ronnie w/ OutdoorsOK

Lake Lawtonka in southwest Oklahoma is located just northwest of Lawton.  Lake Lawtonka has 21 miles of shoreline and 2,398 surface acres.    With the Wichita Mountains to the west, Lake Lawtonka offers some beautiful views of the mountains.  Lake Lawtonka is a excellent smallmouth bass fishing location.

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Lake Lawtonka has 21 miles of shoreline and 2,398 surface acres.

Lake Lawtonka Map

(580) 529-2663

Boat Docks, Boat Ramps, Groceries, Group Facilities, Handicap Access, Marina, Outdoor Grills, Pavilion, Picnic Area, Picnic Tables, Restrooms

Dump, Primitive Camping, RV Hookup Sites, Showers, Tent Sites

Bait and Tackle Shop, Fishing Dock

Channel Catfish, Crappie, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Sunfish, Walleye, White Bass

Swimming Beach
Jet Skiing
Water Skiing


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  1. Ron Brandon says:

    What is the launch fee foe Lake Lawtonka and where do we purchase it? We are from Texas.

  2. Are there boat rentals available on Lake Lawtonka?

  3. What are the campsite fees at Lake Lawtonka?

    • Oklahoma Outdoors says:

      Hi Ruth,
      The camping fees are as follows:

      Overnight camping fee, per unit, Preferred Sites (GREEN covered awning)-$15.00
      Overnight camping fee, per unit, Non-Preferred Sites (BROWN covered awning)-$12.00
      Primitive camping (No electricity)-$7.00
      65 years of age or older, disabled persons, and youth organizations at NON-PREFERRED SITES ONLY-$8.00

      Thank you for using outdoorsok

  4. Patricia Plata says:

    WHich part of the Lake has the swimming/beach area? Are there picnic tables at the swimming area?

    • Oklahoma Outdoors says:

      The east side of Lake Lawtonka has a swim beach and a picnic area. It is just north of Vista Lane.
      Thank you for using outdoorsok

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