Oklahoma Water Sports

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Oklahoma Water Sports have really gained popularity over the past several years. Wakeboarding in particular is very popular in Oklahoma Lakes. Most lakes are filled with wake boarders, wake skaters, wake surfers, kneeboarders, and the list goes on… On a sunny windy day at Lake Hefner you find the sky along the east banks filled with kites of surfers. It’s fun to watch these people soar several feet in the air. We have a few lakes clear enough for scuba diving, one popular lake for scuba diving is Lake Murray. Since we have so many lakes in the state you will also find many places to water ski and jet ski. We have tried to keep an accurate list of which lakes allow specific water sports, however, always check the lake regulations for specific rules on your favorite water sport. There could also be some lakes that allow water sports in Oklahoma that we did not list below. We only listed lakes where we have confirmed a sport is allowed.

So pack up the truck, grab your gear, and get out and find a place for you favorite Oklahoma Water Sport today!

If you have pictures of any of these locations and would like us to post them, you can upload them on any of the pages below. Or email them to us at photos @ outdoorsok.com.

Or you can post pictures in our members area. Check out some Oklahoma Water Sports pictures submitted by our members, or submit your own water sport pictures, click here: Oklahoma Water Sports Pictures

Also Check out the Oklahoma Water Sports Forum where you can discuss or ask questions about your water sports in Oklahoma.


  1. Is Lake Bixhoma a good lake to have our Boykin Spaniel practice his retrieving in water? Someone said that there is a sign out there that says ‘no animals in water’. I haven’t seen the sign…is this correct? Thank you for your help.

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